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Dr. Anthony Soyer MB, BS

Dr. Soyer is a medically qualified doctor, with over twenty five years of experience working as the Medical Consultant on staff, to TV-am London, to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre teaching holistic and an integrated approach to Cancer treatment and leading residential weeks.  More recently, Dr Soyer worked as a consultant at The Diagnostic Clinic, New Cavendish Street, providing screening and Integrated Medical Reports at the leading edge of orthodox and CAM health diagnostics.  Dr Soyer is now primarily involved in research and fund raising for a TV documentary series on ancient knowledge and traditional healing methods. His ongoing research examines healers, meditation, nutritional patterns, food supplements and intensive exercise methods for an upcoming book and documentary on Preventative Medicine Dr Soyer provides a unique perspective for clients and helps to navigate their path through the complex maze of available therapies to reach healing and health. He remains available for in depth one-to-one consultations.

Fee: Initial minimum two hour consultation at £150/hour.
Follow-up one hour consultations at £100/hour.