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Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine? To integrate derives from the Latin integera whole number” or one. To integrate means to make one. The fundamental premise of Integrated Medicine is that we humans (der. ‘hu’ God and ‘man’ ) are more than just ‘flesh’- we are body, mind and spirit! 

Today medicine is evolving, drawing on the resources and strengths of all medical approaches - both complimentary and orthodox or ‘allopathic’ medicine. This process combines the best of traditional cultural based medical systems such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine with the many and varied 'modern' systems; for example naturopathy, osteopathy, homeopathy and so on.

The search for solutions to modern illnesses, particularly infectious disease and cancer is demanding increasingly complex, elegant and precise therapies. We seek to balance and combine to produce the optimal outcome. The holistic approach is needed to make us ‘One’ again.

My speciality is as a medical diagnostician and strategist.  The road to self healing is often long and winding. When we are ill we often simply lack the energy to undertake even basic self care. We are in need of help to infuse us with clarity, energy and optimism. My role is to assist you on this healing journey. We will ‘walk’ together for a time; to explore, to find answers working together and to create a sensible, informed and workable plan. A plan to empower you and place you back control of your own life.

Intrinsic to this integrated medical approach is a deep respect for the healing power within us, the healing power of the plant kingdom and healing power of nature. The whole thus becomes much greater than the sum of its individual parts.